signal lost, chronicles from a splintered sidewalk

The series is shot around East Greenwich, London (2009 c.a.). It hints at the replacement of Victorian water pipes as a possible backdrop to the regeneration of that part of London. The signs are made by engineers with spray paint in order to map the invisible territory beneath our feet, before the actual digging starts.

Signal Lost

The project makes visible the intricate networks of pipes, cables, and wires that constitute the space under our feet in urban environment, and how this space is colonized by different private utility companies (a splintered pavement in fact!). There is, however, a sense of futile attempt to map the stratification, both in space and time, of myriads networks, signals, and social connections around us.

Where do all these links connect? To what extent can we still demarcate the boundaries of our private, localised, and intimate space of home? How can we rethink the notion of natural resource, such as water, something that we take for granted?

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