How to Embed your Zotero Bibliography in Scribus Books

I had a bit of problems with the possibility of inserting my ZOTERO references in the pdf book I have been working on lately. Being it a photobook, I thought not to have a traditional Bibliography at the end of the text: that would have been a bit too heavy. Instead, I opted for a more flexible footnote style of referencing, such as Chicago without bibliography. The problem was that… [...]

Zotero, Ubuntu 10.04, and Java: not a perfect marriage as yet

I want to share this because it gave me quite a big headache first thing this morning: I had just updated to the latest stable Ubuntu version 10.04, and Zotero did not work, or better the transmission between Open Office (now version 3.2) and Firefox (3.6) did not work. Why? well, because the Java applet necessary to run the transmission did not find a correspondent plug-in in Firefox. In fact… [...]

Why I love Zotero

I started using Zotero, an advanced referencing software, about two years ago, a bit as one of many other extensions to Firefox (Mozilla free and open-source web browser). At the time, I was also daily commuting into work, so my reading was often done on public transport (sic!), and my note-taking very patchy. But only recently, when I began assembling resources for my Literature Review… [...]

ZOTERO rocks…but not for all

With the new version 2.0, Zotero is definitely making itself known as the best reference software on the market. Actually, this sounds a bit like an oxymoron as Zotero hasn’t got much to do with “the market”: it is in fact free! Zotero is an advanced bibliographic software produced by the Centre for History and New Media of George Mason University. It is a Free Libre… [...]