About Paolo Cardullo

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Picturing the Self(ie)

I am currently writing about how the rise of self photography has changed portraiture forever, or maybe just extended the practice of self-portraiture?

In particular I am looking at:
technologies around selfie, monkey who shot selfie, selfie with drone, hacked selfies (CCTV, mirrors, glass), digital loops (buddha looking at himself), political use of selfie, #selfiewithdaughter, Big Data and selfie, selfiecities, circulation of selfie (gift economy vs commercial Internet), sextselfie, exhibitionism, intimate spaces of quotidian, … etcetera.


‘Hacking Multitude’ and Big Data

This is my take on the concept of a ‘Hacking Multitude’ in relation to Internet censorship. It investigates, with a mix of digital ethnography and observation of Twitter trends, the ‘digital coup’ in Turkey in March 2014.

MP Erdogan notoriously tried to stop people to access the popular microblogging platform, escalating a series of unpredictable events which I try to bring alive in this paper. View it or… [...]

Getting published during Open Access Week really sucks!

It is at least ironic that my first peer-reviewed article ‘Sniffing the City: Issues of Sousveillance in Innercity London’ is released to the public during Open Access Week. One of the promoters, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), writes: Academic research would be free to access and available under an open license that would legally enable the kind of sharing that is so crucial for enabling scientific progress