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Another Book Review = More Free Labour

Been published on-line today by Routledge, Visual Studies 29.3.

Since the labour (mine) is absolutely free, actually I had to thank them many times for the opportunity, let me convert this into some kind of capital, self-promotion and marketing ad personam…

Grrrr, actually hate da stuff!

Screenshot 130914 114253 Another Book Review = More Free Labour

The Digital Coup and the Cultural Practices of the Hacking Multitude

Following #TurkeyBlockedTwitter, #googlednsblocked, and similar hash tags, here is my narrative of hacking as a mundane cultural practice. Also featuring, graffiti, bank notes & other material communication tricks, professional hackers and internet house-comfies, network maps and statistics on traffic… Certainly, more to come soon. [...]

Signal Lost: the Space Beneath

This excellent post on weburbanist reminded me of an early photographic project of mine: “Signal Lost: the Space Beneath”. It  was conceived during a major replacement of early Victorian water pipes on the eve of the Olympics.

As the visual research proceeded, it showed in more details (or better, hinted at) the intricate networks of pipes, cables, and wires… [...]

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