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  • (2014) ‘I finally found my Prince Charming, oh I Love You’: inscriptions, affect and the city, (working paper).
  • (2014) Book Review: Paolo Cardullo ‘Comics and the Senses’, Visual Studies; 29.3, Routledge. Download Draft.
  • (2014) Book Review: Paolo Cardullo ‘Digital Ethnography: Anthropology, Narrative and New Media’, Visual Studies; 29.1, 107-108, Download Draft.
  • (2013) Book Review: Paolo Cardullo ‘Eyes on Labor’, Visual Studies, 28:3, 290-291, Download Draft.
  • (2013) Walking on the Rim: Photos, Encounters, Objects (photobook 80pp), 3rd edition, Print-on-Demand, Blurb, pdf 53 mb.
  • ‘Rusty Ghosts: Walking on the Historical Rim of the City. Towards a Geography of Resentment’? (conference paper, CRESC 2011; Socio PhD Tue Session paper, Goldsmiths 2011; Visiting Lecture at MA World City and Urban Life 2011) pdf 160 kb
  • Doing Work: Chronicles of the Working River (photobook 80pp), also conference paper at IVSA 2011 Bologna) pdf 30 mb 
  • Walking on the Rim: a Tale of Abjection (photobook 80pp) pdf 14 mb
  • Lecture on Free and Open Source Software – Sociology Year 3 (Slides) pdf 383 kb
  • Clay Pipes and Motherboards: a Clumsy Guide to Beach Combing on the River Thames (conference paper ‘Exploding Objects’ Goldsmiths 2009) pdf 101 kb
  • ‘Hands at Work’ street-shot movie on Southall Broadway (Glimpse Festival, Delhi; AHRC Cultural History of Southall digital archive) watch it here
  • Lewisham77 collaborative films on the Battle of Lewisham watch it here
  • Graduate School Presentation (Slideshow 28/04/2009) pdf 821 kb
  • Gentrifying This!!! (conference paper 128 Gallery London 2008) pdf 270 kb
  • The Ghost of Mussolini (Street Signs, CUCR magazine) pdf 173 kb
  • Finally I Found my Prince Charming, Oh I Love You (paper at Engaging Tactics conference, Goldsmiths 2011) pdf 131 kb
  • ZOTERO workshop handout (please use it and edit it as you wish: spread the word) pdf 130 kb
  • Presentation @ Crossing Lines (CUCR – LIP) pdf 1.3 mb