Shelf is an algorithmic art project that shows how derivative is intellectual work. It simply juxtaposes the work I have done since kiddingthecity started (2007) with a clever wordpress plugin, Zotpress. This  uses an API to connect kiddingthecity to an evolving Zotero database—here intended as an approximation to ‘knowledge’ in the digital age.

Zotero is a Free and Open Source, cross-platform, reference manager that integrates with your browser and word processor →→→ see the sidebar ‘What I have been reading’ →→→ see my entire Zotero library, linked to a number of digital devices of mine.


Screenshot of my Zotero (ZSA)

My collection of academic sources—extracted here by Zotpress in real time—is eventually translated into my academic work. Conversely, academic sources are stored into Zotero because of the intellectual curiosity and sociological imagination I want to deliver through my papers.

kiddingthecity has been providing Open Access since 2007, under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike  →→→ feel free to download my papers, articles, and photobooks →→→ see my profile at Goldsmiths Research Online.


Creative Commons License

see my list of publications as a Zotpress collection

Articles and Papers

  • (in press 2016, book chapter) Urban change and the mesh: an ethnography of Deptford’s Open Wireless Network in: ICS Leeds, Communication and the City, Peter Lang
  • (2015, article accepted) Gentrification in the mesh? An ethnography of Open Wireless Network (OWN) in Deptford, City, Routledge
  • (2015, article under review) CCTV Oddity: Archaeology and Aesthetics of Video Surveillance, Visual Studies, Routledge
  • (forthcoming 2016, book chapter) CCTV oddity: playing up video surveillance, in: CAST University of Copenhagen, Visual Aspect of Security, Routledge
  • (2015, working paper) Earthquake in the city: the people yet to come, co-authored with Prof. M. Russo, University of Modena, DEMB Working Paper Series N. 63
  • (2015, working paper) Tweaking the wireless space: Place Hacking by far away? BSA Symposium University of Liverpool
  • (2015) ‘Hacking Multitude’ and Big Data: some insights from the Turkish ‘Digital Coup’, Big Data & Society, SAGE; DOI: 10.1177/2053951715580599
  • (2014) Sniffing the city: issues of sousveillance in innercity London, Visual Studies 29.3, Routledge; DOI: 10.1080/1472586X.2014.941550 →→→ see final draft.

Book Reviews


Edited Collections

  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.) London: City of Paradox, N. 3 CMRB online series
  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.)  Sociology, Politics, Thinking and Acting: A Festschrift for Nira Yuval-Davis, N. 2 CMRB online series



Art Installations

  • (2013) #OCTV in collaboration with James Stevens @ spc, at the International Visual Sociology Association annual conference, Goldsmiths University of London

Short Films

  • (2009) FDP — using hacked CCTV footages, Deptford TV collective
  • (2008) Lewisham77, commemoration of the Battle of Lewisham, Deptford TV collective

Photo Competitions (shortlisted)

  • Migration, COMPAS Oxford 2011 & 2012
  • Dignity, Human Rights Centre at Essex University, 2011
  • What is Crime? at 198 Gallery London, 2009
  • Cycle photo-diary, Greenwich Council, 2007

see my list of publications as a Zotpress collection

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