Shelf is an algorithmic art project that shows how derivative is intellectual work. It simply juxtaposes the work I have done since kiddingthecity started (2007) with a clever wordpress plugin, Zotpress. This  uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect kiddingthecity, in real time, to an evolving Zotero database.

Zotero is a Free and Open Source, cross-platform, reference manager that integrates with your browser and word processor—here intended as an approximation to knowledge in the age of ‘smart’ technology, ranking and metrics →→→ see the sidebar ‘What I have been reading’ →→→ see my entire Zotero library, linked to a number of digital devices of mine as well as to various Open Access repositories.


Screenshot of my Zotero (ZSA)

Shelf is a ‘smart’ academic dashboard, informing on readings and publishing performance: it is also a mild form of self-surveillance and disclosure, but the great thing is that the process is automated, no need to type anything 😎

Academic sources are extracted in real time by Zotpress. Conversely, these are stored in Zotero because of the sociological imagination I want to deliver through my papers. Shelf wants to highlight this dynamic relationship which is other than, say, a List of Publications.

Through Shelf, kiddingthecity has been providing Open Access since 2007, under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike  →→→ feel free to download my papers, articles, and photobooks →→→ see my profile at Goldsmiths Research Online →→→ see my projects on Open Science Framework →→→ check my metadata on ORC ID.


Creative Commons License

see my list of publications as a Zotpress collection

Articles and Papers

  • (2017, working paper) Cardullo, Paolo, and Rob Kitchin. 2017. Living Labs, Vacancy, and Gentrification. The Programmable City Working Paper 28. SocArXiv. March 16.
  • (in press 2017, book chapter) Urban change and the mesh: an ethnography of Deptford’s Open Wireless Network in: Aiello, G., Tarartino, M., Oakleys, K., Communicating the City, Peter Lang
  • (2017, article in press) Gentrification in the mesh? An ethnography of Open Wireless Network (OWN) in Deptford, City, Routledge. Pre-print available on Open Science Framework.
  • (2016, article accepted) CCTV Oddity: Archaeology and Aesthetics of Video Surveillance, Visual Studies, Routledge. Pre-print available on Open Science Framework.
  • (2015, working paper) Tweaking the wireless space: Place Hacking by far away? BSA Symposium University of Liverpool
  • (2015, article) ‘Hacking Multitude’ and Big Data: some insights from the Turkish ‘Digital Coup’, Big Data & Society, SAGE; DOI: 10.1177/2053951715580599
  • (2015, working paper) Earthquake in the city: the people yet to come, co-authored with Prof. M. Russo, University of Modena, DEMB Working Paper Series N. 63
  • (2012-14, working paper) CCTV oddity: playing up video surveillance, in: CAST University of Copenhagen, Visual Aspect of Security, Routledge
  • (2014, article) Sniffing the city: issues of sousveillance in innercity London, Visual Studies 29.3, Routledge; DOI: 10.1080/1472586X.2014.941550 →→→ see final draft.

Book Reviews


Edited Collections

  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.) London: City of Paradox, N. 3 CMRB online series
  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.)  Sociology, Politics, Thinking and Acting: A Festschrift for Nira Yuval-Davis, N. 2 CMRB online series



Art Installations

  • (2013) #OCTV in collaboration with James Stevens @ spc, at the International Visual Sociology Association annual conference, Goldsmiths University of London

Short Films

  • (2009) Trail of Images — using hacked CCTV footages, Deptford TV collective
  • (2008) Lewisham77 — commemoration of the Battle of Lewisham, Deptford TV collective

Photo Competitions (shortlisted)

  • Migration, COMPAS Oxford 2011 & 2012
  • Dignity, Human Rights Centre at Essex University, 2011
  • What is Crime? at 198 Gallery London, 2009
  • Cycle photo-diary, Greenwich Council, 2007

see my list of publications as a Zotpress collection

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